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  1. Q: Will steam cleaning damage my car?
    A: No. Steam machine is safe and gentle for all car surfaces and finishes. The temperature, pressure and steam content are precisely controlled to do thorough cleaning work without affecting the car wax, car interior or other car surfaces.

  2. Q: Will exterior steam cleaning prevent swirl marks?
    A: No. Swirl marks are caused by everyday wear and abrasive wash practices. However, our steam wash will increase the longevity of your paint job by drastically reducing the time spent scrubbing the surface of your vehicle. It will not cause swirl marks.

  3. Q: Why is steam cleaning so popular?
    A: Simply because it saves water, saves time, saves money & saves the environment.

  4. Q: How does steam get rid of bacteria from my air conditioning ducts?
    A: The steam is introduced into the air conditioner vents. The temperature will kill off the bacteria, mites & other micro-organisms hiding inside the ducts. These micro-organisms are the main culprits in spreading diseases, triggering allergic attacks and causing unbearable odour.

    *It is common practice in the car washing industry to use chemicals to do the air conditioner ducts cleaning. The chemicals are not truly without its harmful side effects and we strongly advise to use our Aircon Flushing service instead. Perfectly natural, safe and effective without side effects.
3M Paint Protection Installation
  1. Q: Why do I need 3M Clearbra Paint Protection FIlm?
    A: This virtually invisible film helps keep your paint looking great; while significantly reducing paint chips and bug damage. Keep your vehicles looking better, longer.

  2. Q: Where should I use 3M Clearbra PPF?
    A: You can apply 3M Paint Protection film on your bumper, fender, rocker panels, leading hood edges, mirror backs, door handle insets, door edges, trunk edges. The purpose of 3M PPF is to protect the vulnerable parts of your vehicle.

  3. Q: Will 3M Clear Bra Paint Protection Film harm the painted surface if the film is removed?
    A: If the film is properly applied to a fully cured painted vehicle, it can be removed, usually in one piece, without damaging paint surfaces beneath the film.

  4. Q: Can you paint or apply a clear coat over the 3M Paint protection film?
    A: No, this is not recommended and is at your own risk. 3M film is supplies with an OEM-approved clearcoat which is not formulated to be over-printed, painted or clear coated.

  5. Q: Can 3M Clearbra Paint Protection Film be applied over graphics?
    A: The clear film will not interfere with vinyl or painted graphics and is designed to match gloss levels of today’s automotive factory clear coat paint systems. However, if removed damage may occur to the underlying graphic during the removal process.

  6. Q: Does 3M Paint Protection Film resist yellowing?
    A: Yes, it resists yellowing because the film is constructed of thermoplastic urethane, a tough conformable material that is covered by a clear coat layer. The film and clear coat layer contains UV protection to counteract harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause yellowing.

  7. Q: How is 3M Clearbra PPF maintained?
    A: Once applied, refrain from washing the vehicle in an automated car wash for 24 hours. Washing after that time presents no problem, and no special care need be taken for the film.
Windshield Chip repair
  1. I am not exactly sure if my windshield can be repaired. Specifically, what am I looking for as a candidate for repair?
    Most importantly, you want to make sure the damaged area is no larger than 1 1/4 inches or 3cm. Damage to your windshield that is greater than 1 1/4 inches or 3 cm., when repaired, can become unstable. Additionally, a large pit may spread during the repair process, growing worse under the high pressure needed to inject the damaged area. Certainly, the best way to determine if we can repair the damage, is to stop by our shop to have a Preferred representative examine the break.

  2. How clear will my chip or pit be after repair?
    The damaged area will significantly clear after the repair. When cured, the polymer that is injected into the pit closely resembles the clarity of glass. It should be noted, the chip does not "disappear," but rather "hides." You will see something more like a shadow of where the pit was, with an approximate expected clarity of 75% - 95% from the original damage. The main objective in having an area repaired is stopping it from spreading further and cracking glass.

  3. Can you do the work at my home or office?
    Yes, most vehicles can be completed on a mobile basis! We offer mobile service, pick-up and delivery service, six days per week. Please contact our customer service representative for more information.