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About XTREME Steam Auto Solutions

At XTREME Steam Auto Solutions we go the extra mile so that you don't have to. Your Vehicle will be cleaned inside and out. Detailing will always be carried out to the highest professional standards. XTREME Steam Auto Solutions only uses STEAM to clean the interior and exterior of your car. Steam vapor is just as effective as liquid water.

What is Steam Car Wash?

Steam cleaning with vaporized water is a relatively new concept which is extremely effective and completely environmentally friendly, which has recently blossomed in popularity particularly in the American auto detailing market. So you are probably wondering what steam vapor cleaning is and how it works? The vapor cleaner emits pressurized air and water combined to create a vapor which has little to no water runoff. The vapor weakens the physical bond between the dirt and stains to various surface's in which the dirt is sticking to or embedded onto penetrating the dirt quickly and easily. The second most important factor is the 'dry steam', which is vapor that is almost moisture-less. Once the steam vapor is applied to a surface, the dirt and grime can simply be wiped away with our micro fiber cloths. All hard surfaces are porous, and simply wiping a surface does not clear away all of the dirt, however, the steam vapor cleaner penetrates the hard surface's pores and removes any embedded dirt without the use of harmful chemicals polluting our water systems. Ultimately, your Vehicle will be left in Showroom condition like new inside and out!.

Client Satisfaction
Our top priority is client satisfaction, which is guaranteed. Our goal is to make a lasting impression for a continuing relationship. Using top quality products, the services we offer range from basic washing and waxing to fine detailing. XTREME Steam Auto Solutions also offers weekly/monthly wash and detail packages. Thank you for choosing XTREME Steam Auto Solutions. We will provide you outstanding service and convenience while allowing you freedom from vehicle maintenance. We look forward to serving you soon!